Pale Blue Eyes


If you’re looking for a perfect Christian hero, don’t look at Hank McCaskill.

After four combat tours in the Middle East, Army Major William “Hank” McCaskill struggles daily with his faith. Tired of war, Hank gives up a bright future as an Army intelligence officer by retiring on short notice. Unsure how to begin the next chapter of his life, his greatest ambition for the time being is to grow tomatoes and spend time with his wife and children.

But on their way to a party celebrating his unit’s return from Iraq, Hank and his wife witness an armed robbery, and Hank’s wife is shot. Frustrated with the inaction of the police, Hank is tempted to drown his sorrows and retreat into himself. Instead, he comes to believe that God is calling him to track down the man who shot his wife.

Armed with fierce determination, a wry sense of humor, and the analytical skills he learned in the Army, Hank begins his search. With a little help from his friends, he soon discovers that his wife’s shooting may have been more than a botched robbery.

Can Hank connect the dots to find the man who shot her? What dark secrets will his search uncover? And can Hank overcome his own demons along the way?


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